Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally....pictures from Lucas and Caleb's 1st Heavenly Birthday

YAY!!!  I finally am getting the pictures up from Lucas and Caleb's birthday.  There are alot of them, so hang in there, it's a long post.  Their day really was amazing and wonderful.  I am grateful that we decided to celebrate them throughout the day.  

 This is their candle we lit at 8:30, when we learned we had lost our Lucas.

 The lilies from the front yard.  They bloomed the day Lucas passed last year.  This year they bloomed the morning of their birthday.

Getting ready to place their flowers in the lake.  I really liked the idea of doing this.  The time was peaceful.  It gave me some time to reflect and really connect with Lucas and Caleb.  (Thank you, Kristan, for taking the pictures and being who you are and knowing how to be with me for this.)

 Releasing the flowers into the lake...and trying to not fall in.

My boys' flowers floating together.

I came home to these gorgeous flowers on the front porch from Mike and Dru.  I loved them, and they were addressed to Willy, Colton, Ethan, and I.  I know it's hard to know the right thing to do on a day like this day, but they did well, very well.

The two white roses from M.E.N.D.  Two white roses for my baby boys.  I don't know if you remember, but roses are their birth flower and white means Heavenly.  The thought that so many put into remembering our two sons makes me smile often.

We decided to donate two memory boxes in honor of Lucas and Caleb.   We will do this every year for their birthday.  We have memory boxes for them, and I really don't know what I would do without them on those really hard days.

These are the journals I picked out for them.  I wrote a very personal letter in them and added a resource page.

These blankets are from Miscarriage Blankets and More.  Tiffanie does beautiful work and had these to me within 10 days of me ordering them.  They are made for babies born between 24 and 28 weeks.  I encourage anyone looking to do memory boxes to check her site out.

This is how small the hat is.  I cried, hard, when I first opened up the box.  I put the blanket in my arms, with the hat at the top and could picture holding my babies the way I had almost a year ago then. 
The candles and holders I found for the boxes.  The design is done in velvet.

These are the boxes that hold the casting kit.  How perfect are they?  They are for the baby's footprints to be done.

And the beautiful picture frames I found.  It wasn't until Danielle gave me the picture frame that said Brothers that I felt it was okay to have pictures of Lucas and Caleb out.  I wanted to share the permission with another mom.

The boxes put together.

I bought these boxes at Michaels and they were just absolutely perfect for this. 

We planted a small garden for Lucas and Caleb this year, in hopes that we can transplant next year in our new house.  The red lilies at either end are called "Tiny Ghosts."  They will also bloom around their birthday every year.  The purple flower is a butterfly bush.

When I met with the NICU nurse for lunch, she gave me these.  She said they remind her of when she sat on my bed at the hospital, ate M&M's, and cried with me.  She also told me that Caleb was a beautiful baby.  Those words hadn't been spoken to me before and it really held my heart. 

Colton and Ethan helping me make Lucas and Caleb's cupcakes.

Can't forget Colton's t-ball practice.  It was a nice way to tie in our lives with their day.

Their cupcakes and the design layout for their stepping stone.  6 cupcakes for the six of us.

Colton and Ethan blowing out Lucas and Caleb candles. 

Here is a picture of the mantle from their birthday.  The wonderful cards and gifts with their candle in the middle.  This was very special to me.  We put our birthday cards on the mantle for our birthdays.  To be able to do this for Lucas and Caleb's birthday was healing.
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  1. I'm so glad to see these pictures and learn more about their birthday. I got teary reading this. I love everything that you did for their birthday and all the ways that you and others remembered them.

    The boxes are great and will be treasured by some heartbroken families.

  2. Carrie, everything is so beautifully perfect. Thank you for sharing these pictures of all the wonderful things you and your family did for your precious boys.

  3. Beautiful day and beautiful way to celebrate the lives of your precious little babes!

    x <3 o

  4. Carrie, What a beautiful day and celebration for Caleb and Lucas! I love everything that you did for your boys. Colton and Ethan are the best big brothers! Seeing them help prepare for their brothers' day brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful pictures and a perfect day for Caleb and Lucas. <3 <3 <3


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