Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Fun Pictures

Seriously, ya'll, it's been a great summer.  There have been a few rough days, but in general, we are having a blast!  Here are some random pictures to give everyone an idea so far...

We went to OH in June to visit my grandma. 
 This is the new game my boys came up with.  They were trying to get their darts stuck in the tree...
 Then would use a really long pole to get them out.
 We went to the Columbus zoo with Sofi and Martiza...
 and caught lightening bugs just like I did when I was a girl at Grandma June's house.
 A picture of four generations...
 and Grandpa Tim chasing the boys with the hose.

Then there are just the random fun days we have!
 There is absolutely nothing better than having friends to grow up with.  These boys are brothers at heart.  I love the sound of the four of them laughing together.  My hope is that they ALWAYS have each other.
 The race to the slip-n-slide.  Only they all took off on their own "GO!"

 Ethan needing a randm nap.  The boy just stops and drops when he gets tired.

 Colton playing catcher.  This is his favorite position!!

 Roasting MASSIVE marshmallows with Grandma and Grandpa.

 Playing at a random park in Indiana.  There is a great story to finding this park.

 The boys swimming at the lake.

 Jung hanging around.

 A quick visit on Colton's towel.

 Chilling on the boat.

 Willy entertaining Ethan during t-ball practice.

 Ahhh, our crazy sprinkler.

 Having a pajama morning with my boys. 

And climbing trees.

I can't believe this summer is half over.  But we have stuffed so much into it, that it has seemed long at times.  I have to say that this summer beats the last. 
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