Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day 2011

This Fourth of July was so much better than last.  We were just a month out from Lucas and Caleb's birthday, exactly a month and a day from when we left the hospital with only their memory boxes in our arms.  It was a hard day.  Willy and I argued over something stupid and there were alot of raw feelings.

I was determined for it to be different this year, and it was.  We started off the morning with the Marshfield parade.  We go every year (minus last year), and always enjoy it.  Well, look who was waiting for us in our usual spot.

I know you can't really tell, but this dragonfly was bigger than my hand!   He was just resting on the street right where we always sit.  Pretty cool way to start off our holiday.

We walked around to check out the booths, then settled down to wait for the parade to start.  Colton and Ethan were smat and sat in the shade with Grandma and Grandpa...and the snacks.

Here's the four of us before the parade started. 

Have to love EVERYTHING about this little guy. 
And this big kindergartner.  Ahhhh, kindergarten is less than 8 weeks away!!! 

 We hit up Pizza Hut after the parade for lunch.  The boys finished before Mommy.  Such as always is the case at a buffet.

We went home to put Colton, Ethan, and Willy down for nap.  I knew we'd be up late, and Willy never passes up a chance to nap.  hehe  Then we headed up to Peter and Anissa's house for friends and fireworks.  We had a great time!  We met some new friends and played hard.

At one point, Anissa and I were talking about scrapbooking, and somehow began talking about Lucas and Caleb and where I'm at emotionally with it right now.  I don't really know her very well.  We go to church together, and I know how wonderful she is through Kristan, but that is about it.  It was a great conversation, and it was wonderful to share about my precious baby boys.  Shortly after I realized that another family was there that had two sons and a daughter.  Their sons' names were Lucas and Caleb.  Honestly, I was okay.  I was more in awe of the fact than anything.  And I wondered if she knew, if Anissa had ever said anything to her.

Shortly before dark, we started with the kids firecrackers.  Oh the fun they had!
 A bunch of boys running from a racecar.
 Everyone watching the tanks "fighting".  The little boys were chanting at it.  By the way, Colton is on the right in the red shirt.  This is the first time he has really hung out with older boys (by a year or two or so), and it really hit me how big he is getting.  Although seeing him shorter than them threw me off a little, my son is getting older.

 Watching to see what's going off next.

 Even the adults enjoy sparklers.  They really were too short for the kids.  The big boys got to play with their fireworks after dark.  Along with the rest the neighbors.  The sky was alight for over an hour.  I also should mention here the amazing lightening storm in the clouds .

 I must say, nights like last night are ones that I used to dream of when I was a little girl.  A bunch of family and friends together, celebrating life together.  I cannot, in any way, describe how it all felt.  I felt good, really good. 

 James, Colton, and Ethan all watching the fireworks.

I really can't help but think this morning, that there are two little boys physically missing from this picture.  But they were with us, in our hearts, throughout the day.  And this picture is perfect.

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