Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Workout

I finally did it!  I made it to the Selah Yoga class at the Y.  This is an hour class with the lights off, contemporary Christian music, and yoga instruction.  It DID kick my butt, and legs, and arms.  But I feel amazing!  I wish I would have started going months ago.  There were only two of us along with the instructor today.  That was nice so that I could get some pointers on my poses.  The time went by really quickly, and I managed to not check out at any point during the class.

I am definitely going to pick this class up twice a week.  I need to be doing something to continue to get into shape.  Losing a few more pounds would also be nice, but I really want to tone up some.  Maybe I'll even throw in a swim afterwards here and there. 

On the other life stuff, we are doing pretty well.  I am having a hard time still with the mom who is carrying twin boys at my bible study on Monday mornings.  I thought I could just go in, and not say much (or anything) to her and be okay.  But I probably come off as rude, and she still wants to talk to me in her friendly way.  I believe that she has NO idea about Lucas and Caleb, although I shared about them at the previous meeting.  But yesterday when she asked what it was like having boys, I had a hard time finding any words.  And since she doesn't seem to know, I really would like to keep it that way.  No need to make her feel weird or anything.  I might just finish the study and scrapbook at home.  Who know, I have a week to ponder on it.

I hate that I still have a hard time with twin pregnancies.  Even though at this point it is only if they are having boys.  I thought I would be able to be happy for them by now, but I can't.  I find this really frustrating and hope that it does get easier at some point.

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  1. Carrie, your the next on the list for Patches the bear and I tried emailing and haven't heard from you. If you could email me your address at dirk1412 (at)gmail(dot)com and I will get him sent on his way


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