Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Best Number


That is my HCG level as of this morning.  Yesterday's was 390.  The goal is for it to double every 48 hours.  568 is just under half of double, which is what we were looking for.  It means Baby Cinco is growing and healthy.  After two days of spotting and complete fear, I have relief.  I know she/he is doing well and there is little to worry about when it comes to the spotting.

I cannot put into words the fear I have felt since seeing the first blood on Sunday morning.  My heart was crushed instantly.  I went through all the stages of grief within a few hours.  I put myself on the couch and waited to see what and how it was happening.

I called my Dr L first thing Monday morning only to learn she was out for the week, along with my nurse W.  The nurse I talked to hadn't seen my chart and was a ltitle hateful.  She sent me to Urgent Care for a Beta-HCG test.

There I met Dr. V.  This woman is AMAZING!!!!  We went through the basic questions and she asked about previous pregnancies.  I told her about Lucas and Caleb and there were tears from both her and I.  She then shared that she is 12 weeks pregnant and apologized for losing her composure.  I assured her it was okay.  At that point she put her charts down and asked to pray for me.  I was shocked.  Most doctors won't act on this, but she did.  And I was/am grateful.

After all this, I feel better about everything.  I am now on complete pelvic rest with light duty orders.  Willy is absolutely wonderful, helping out a ton.  He also bought Baby Cinco a froggie toy the other night.

We will be telling other people over the next couple of days.  We feel that after the blood tests that things are in a good spot to be sharing with those closer to us.  I hope to post an announcement post on the main blog soon.  At that point I will import these posts to it as well.  

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  1. I understand how scary spotting is. I had it with both Bailey and Cameron. It is no fun. Did they check your progesterone levels by chance?


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