Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here We Go

Trigger following...

I have thought over and over about when and how to write this.  My creativity isn't flowing very well, so I thought this will be it.

Willy and I are expecting again!  We are super excited!  Due date is Sept. 24th which makes me almost 6 weeks pregnant.  The pregnancy has had a rocky start, but it seems as though everything is settling down. 

I have been keeping a seperate blog for the past month or so and will be importing it here.  The tag for those posts will be Cinco, as we are calling this baby Baby Cinco.

This blog has transformed many times.  I really want to share about this pregnancy on here.  This place is my place to share about me and my family.  I hate to think that I may lose some readers, and I am sorry for that.  I will miss those of you who find it hard to come here.  I am sure not all posts will be about the new baby, but many will.

There is also another project that I have been working on that I hope to share with all of you next week.  I am super excited about and can't wait to share!

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  1. I am SOOOOOO excited for you! Hoping and praying for a very happy, healthy, and uneventful 9 months!!!


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