Friday, January 13, 2012

Snickers and Snow

I have posted many pictures of Snickers on here.  The dog is crazy, that is for sure.  He LOVES to chew on rawhides.  It was at the point where he was eating one every three days.  That adds up in the money department.  We thought we would get one of mammoth sized ones for him to see how long it would last.  He loves it.  He was so excited when we brought it home that he hopped in circles around it.

It is a rule, no bones on the furniture.  I caught this the other morning.

We finally saw some snow yesterday morning. The kids were wired, along with their mama.  It was super cold, but I let them play out for 5 minutes while the van warmed up. 

It took 30 seconds for Colton to form a snowball.  And he was aiming for me.

This year is going to be fun.  Both boys get it.  They had a snowball fight outside, and were laughing the whole time.  Just warms me up.

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