Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caving In

Baby Cinco,

I feel farely confident you are a ball of cells in there growing right about  now.  My breasts are tender and I just feel off.  My breasts never feel tender around my period, so I figure it has to be baby hormones.  I am hoping.  I had originally planned to wait until day 31 to test, as that is the longest cycle I've had in six months.  But I am anxious, as always, so I'll be testing tomorrow (day 26) with a First Response test.  If it's negative, then I'll be disappointed and ready to wait again for next month.

If it's positive (feeling pretty good about that) then I'll of course be ecstatic!  I am so ready for all this. 

I spent the day with grandma today while scrapbooking.  I think she knows something is up. She kept asking questions that easily could have led to us TTC and stuff.  I did quite well fending them off, but it was torture. I want to share the happiness of where we are with her so bad.  But that would ruin the surprise of her finding out.  I get that.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow either way. 

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