Friday, January 20, 2012

You Are Here

Baby Cinco,

After a very confusing week, I (or dollar store tests) have confirmed that you are here, inside me, and growing.  I am so excited, my heart almost leaps out of my chest at times.  I have a hard time really believing it here and there. 

One of three Dollar Store tests.  This was taken Jan 19 on Day 30, 13 Days DPO
The anxiety hasn't completely kicked in.  I  have moments where I fear you may not be with us for long.  It's so early and the 6 hours of bleeding on Tuesday weighs heavily at times.  I try to tell myself that I need to enjoy every moment of knowing  you are here.

You are such a loved and wanted baby. So many people have prayed for you and will continue to so.  I feel so blessed to have the amazing support I have surrounding me through all this.

The symptoms I am having at this time are:  My breasts are sore and almost hurt at times, I am crazy gassy at night, reflux is plaguing me in the evenings, and my sense of smell is off.

I will start weekly photos next week.  I  have a great idea (thank you pinterest) for these pictures.

Cautiously Optimistic,

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