Monday, January 10, 2011

Colton Update

Colton is having a hard time. We were able to increase the amount of pain meds last night and that seems to help some. But it is a fight to get it down him. There are a lot of tears, attempts at spitting stuff out, and frustration at both ends. When he gets worked up his teeth start to chatter. It is hard to try and reason with a four year old. I know he understands me, but I also know that with the pain, it doesn't really matter what I have to say. The poor kid. I am really hoping that today is better than yesterday.

It's supposed to snow 3-5 inches today. He LOVES the snow just like his momma. I hope that he can get a little excited when he sees it. Willy and I have discussed it and if he's doing a little better, we're gonna let him play in it for 10-15 minutes. I think if we don't there will be lots of tears, then more pain, and we really don't need that.

I wanted to add this random note about this. Colton was a rockstar going into surgery. I mean, there was never any panic. He was completely trusting, even when they put the mask over his mouth for him to go to sleep. I believe credit for this goes to the talks we had prior to his surgery. He knows that they put me to sleep when the twins were delivered. He knows I slept, then woke up, and I was okay. And he knows that because I was sleeping, I didn't feel anything through the surgery. We've talked about it A LOT!! And even though I wish things were different, I am grateful that he could relate my experience to his so that he felt more comfortable.

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  1. You're such a great mom, Carrie. I have no doubt that all your talks made a huge difference.

    Hope Colton feels 100% soon!


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