Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Losing Colton's Tooth

Colton lost his first tooth! The first in is the first out!
Willy went in to get him from his classroom yesterday. As soon as I saw him, I noticed it was gone.

And no one else had nocticed. We had no idea it was loose. I was suddenly worried that maybe he had fallen and knocked it out, so I went up and talked to his teachers. Neither one of them was aware he had lost it and suggested that he lost it while eating his lunch....consequently swallowing it.
And this is what I found in his lunchbox when we got home. I tore this sandwhich apart looking for the tooth. But it's gone.
I am really bummed about it being gone. I mean, the first tooth is definitely something that most moms want to hang onto. Colton has reassured me that he will poop it out, though. And even asked if I am going to go tooth hunting.....Ummmmm, no.
We called grandparents to let them know. And Grandma came by to see the "surprise" Colton had for her. And since she didn't have any cookies in her purse, she decided this occassion called for a special treat.

A choice of treats from the gas station across the street. Lots of gummies and nuts. Just what he needs to bring out the "wriggler".

We wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining he swallowed his tooth. (side note: I asked him what he wanted me to write and at the end he added, "I miss Lucas and Caleb." They are always on his heart.)
The tooth fairy must think the first tooth is a big deal, she left $5.00!!!!!

I can't believe how big Colton is getting. I was just getting used to the idea of him having his kindergarten screening this morning, then his tooth falls out. I am just really not sure I am ready for this big boy. Oh, and he did SUPER on his screening. Llook out kindergarten, here comes Colton!

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  1. I can't believe he is going to be off to kindergarten in the fall - WOW !

  2. It brought tears to my eyes when we wanted "I miss Caleb and Lucas" added to his note to the tooth fairy. You have such a special and wonderful little boy.


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