Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Fun

We woke up this morning to beautiful whiteness. I love it!!!! Most of you know my intense love affair with snow. And it seems although it's been passed on to my children. Yay for that! As soon as they saw it it was wild in my house. Jumping, yelling, running, literally bouncing off the walls. And the best part, Colton is recovered and we can play in it!

So we have and will some more.

Colton threw the first snowball... Ethan
The slide was next on their agenda

Ethan cleared a path for Colton

Me all bundled up. I take the cold seriously. And the more you put on, the longer you can stay out and play in it.

There is nothing better than a house with snow in it.

But trying to ride bikes in the snow is a little difficult.

More snowball fun. Colton had Willy making the snowballs for him. Apparently they were on the same team.

Then Colton saw it was more fun for him and Ethan to gang up on Daddy.

And here are my beautiful snow angels. Thinking of Lucas and Caleb quite a bit, I am sure they have enjoyed watching us play in the beautiful snow they sent.

After making our way inside through the de-snow stations, it was time for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

And here is a video of the first snow casualty. There were miraculously no tears, just a really bloody nose. We stopped the bleeding, but it isn't taking much to start back up. Poor kiddo.

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  1. I love the snow too! I am glad we are getting at least some snow here in LR. It looks like you and the boys had a wonderful time! :-) I am so glad!


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