Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Friday

Today was GORGEOUS!!!! It was 65 and sunny with barely a breeze. I loved it! And the boys loved it! After picking Colton up from school, we headed to the park. This weather called for outdoor time, and naptime could wait. Colton bee-lined for the spinny-seat-thingy. I love this thing!!

And Ethan just ran! This boy is fast and crazy.
I love how in a large playground with tons of kids, my two always make time to play together. They truly are the best of friends!

Oh, and Ethan got his hair cut today. I was warned last night that his Daddy might take him while I am gone to Kansas City and have it done, himself. Since that really isn't a good thing, we made it a date. Haircut and lunch at Maria's. And even when he is making his goofy faces, he is quite handsome and adorable.

My boys are climbers. They have absolutely no fear of heights! I am just happy they have a height limit when it comes to jumping....I think.

After getting the car washed and naps, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese (aka House of Mouse). We wanted to have a fun family night since I'll be gone all weekend. I am sure the boys'll have fun without Mommy, though.
This place is so much more fun now that they can really play the games. Colton will be my hunter for sure.

And Ethan probably won't play basketball. He's built more for football and plowing through people.

All in all it was an amazing day!

I will catch up with Project EPL next week. I have it written, just not typed here yet. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I'm glad you had such a fun day and I hope that you had a great weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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