Monday, January 17, 2011

A Refreshing Weekend

This picture isn't from the weekend, but from Wednesday. I wanted to add it because I thought it was pretty cool that Colton's new friend, AJ, has the same bedtime bear as he does. Pretty stellar stuff!!

On Friday the boys asked to get out the Kung Zhu hamster set. It's been put away for a few weeks and they played with it for a couple hours. It was bliss and reminds me how much I love rotating toys.

Colton did a lot of lego building the last half of the week into the weekend. He is really good at putting this stuff together on his own. I am so impressed with him and his legos!

By Friday afternoon we were all feeling the cabin fever from being locked in the house all week. It was time to let them play on the computer for awhile. Another hour of peace and entertainment.

Ethan LOVES wearing eyewear! And this is what I found Saturday morning as we were getting ready for breakfast. This little boy really knows how to cheese it up!

Saturday afternoon, we took the boys out to Willy's parents house to stay the night. I needed the break. It was the first day of the week that I put on make-up, styled my hair, and wore something besides jeans and a t-shirt. I felt like an adult again. When we left Target, we saw this sunset. I felt Lucas and Caleb smiling down on me, and it brought me peace. Plus it was a great chance to show off the skinny jeans and medium sized shirt from Victoria's Secret! Whoo Hoo!!

After Ethan's nap, he came down looking like this. He had stole into my bedroom for my eye mask. Gotta love that boy! Gotta love them both!

And here they are this morning. Ethan was riding Colton like a pony. When I went to take a picture, Ethan fell off, so this is the shot I ended up with. It is so nice to watch them play so well together. They are best friends and I truly love it!

The break this weekend was everything I needed and more. Not only was I able to get out of the house for a bit, I was also able to reconnect with Willy. Last week was a little challenging and we needed the time together. Most of last week when he was home it was one-on-one, and not so much time together. Willy is very much my best friend and this weekend was fabulous for us!

Yesterday Dru and I went shopping together. More time out of the house and some time together. I really enjoy spending the time with her. We get to talk and laugh and just have fun. Usually it's scrapbook shopping, and that's half the fun of scrapbooking!

When we got back in her van after leaving JoAnn's, she gave me this. It's the little things that warm my heart so much. Even though it's been over 7 months since Lucas and Caleb were born, it makes me so happy when someone else thinks about them. Thank you so much, Dru! You are just abolutely amazing! Thank you!

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