Thursday, January 6, 2011


As many of you know, Colton has had 5 bouts of strep throat since May. Back in August when we saw an ENT, we were told it was just bad luck and that it had to be SEVEN times in a year for him to be a candidate for removing them. He once again came down with strep two days after Christmas and I asked for a referral to another ENT for a second opinion.

This ENT is a rockstar! And he is taking out Colton's tonsils and adnoids tomorrow (Friday) morning. We go in at 10:30 for surgery. I am currently thrilled that I was finally heard and that my baby will not have to go through round after round of strep anymore. Having less than 24 hours notice means less time to dwell on the rest of it.

I am sure by tomorrow morning I will be a nervous wreck. I mean I am "slightly" a more nervous mom than I was 7 months ago. But for right now I am just thankful that my baby is going to be fixed. Please keep him you thoughts and prayers for an uncomplicated surgery and speedy recovery. I promise to keep you all updated tomorrow afternoon or evening.

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