Friday, May 6, 2011

Better Than Expected

This week has been really nice. The sun has been out nearly every day and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

This week was Teacher's Appreciation week. Last year I didn't know aboutit until too late, but this year I was reminded at the PTA board meeting. Colton wanted to get his teachers flowers to thank them for being so awesome. So we decided to paint flower pots and plant flowers for them.

I let Colton paint with ACRYLIC paint outside. The boy is a clumsy one, but I thought we would give it a whirl. And he didn't get a drop on him.

Colton did well planting the flowers and being careful with them.

And this picture is ROCKSTAR! I look super skinny and I'm with my Colton and Ethan..

Today was also beautiful. Ethan and I went garage sale-ing in the morning. When we got home from picking up Colton I decided to put their pool up. I figured by the time Sunday rolled around the water would be warm enough to enjoy.

Within 30 minutes of it being full, Colton "accidentally" dropped a ball in there and he had to get it.

30 seconds after that.....

I find it great that his bike helmet is just part of his outside attire.

My goofy Ethan.

It's supposed to be nice all weekend, so I am looking forward to more outdoor fun.

Also, Happy 1st Birthday to Drew Riggle Combs. He is so loved and missed.

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