Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 (and give-a-way)

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day as a Babyloss Mom. Last month when it was mentioned, I really didn't think it would hit me hard since I have Colton and Ethan here with me. Was I ever wrong. It really hit me last weekend that this one was going to hurt. Saturday night while I was catching up on Facebook, I started to cry. Many of my friends were posting their children's birth stats, and my heart began to break. I realized I couldn't really add my children's without emotional pain. And that I have so many friends with the same.

When I woke up Sunday I felt okay. I came downstairs and noticed right away that the light above Lucas and Caleb was on. I asked Willy if he had turned it on and he hugged me and said no. I started to shed a few tears and just knew that Lucas and Caleb were with me through this all. I truly would have all four boys with me on Mother's Day.

Their shelf, currently. I am on the search for the right bottle for their sand, but for now it sits in a CK cologne bottle.

I decided that last weekend we would be skipping church to go to Silver Dollar City. I was told at a M.E.N.D. meeting that most moms don't want to spend their day at an amusement park. They were right, the park was not very full at all and we spent little time in lines. The weather was perfect for it, also. We decided to invite Willy's parents along. We had $10 tickets that expires soon, and we hadn't been there together yet.

Going through the tunnel on the train. They were yelling "ECHO!" through it.

With such warm, humid weather, we decided to hop on the Tom and Huck adventure ride. You get SOAKED! But we all laughed so much, it was totally worth it. We also bring our lunch in a backpack so as not to spend $40+ on food every time we go.

Ethan and I

Colton and I....with one of the many silly faces he was giving while trying to take a picture.

My wonderful husband and I. He has been so wonderful and understanding this past weekend.

Colton being ALL BOY!!!

Ethan falling asleep eating ice cream. I know I've posted several times about how this boy can fall asleep almost anywhere. But I never thought he would eating ice cream.

All six of us piled into this "boat." It was so much fun and it's rare to get a picture of all of us together. By the way, Ethan may look frightened, but he carried on the rest of the way through the park how much he loved it!

All in all, the day was better than I expected. I am sure this will be our new Mother's Day tradition.

Now for give-a-way time. I am almost to 200 posts!!! And I've really been missing having comments left on here. It's always great to know what my readers think. So for every comment you leave between now and my 200th post, I will enter your name into a drawing for one of three pieces of jewelry. You will have your choice of a pin or necklace. They will be memorial/mother's type jewelry, depending on the reader. And since I've been kind of slacking on leaving comments, I will make sure to leave a comment on at least two of the blogs I follow a day.

Please know that you don't have to be a babyloss mom/dad to comment. You should be able to leave a comment as "Anonymous" just sign your name underneath to be entered.

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  1. That amusement park looks great. I'm glad it wasn't too crowded. I get chills when I think about the light being on in the cabinet. So glad they did that.

    Sending you lots of love!

  2. Great idea to go to the park. It looks like all had fun.

    Also, congrats on being so close to the 200 post mark!!!

  3. Woohoo for almost 200 posts! That's amazing, Carrie. I know how much I always enjoy reading your posts...sorry for lack of comments. Sending big hugs your way!


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