Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy-ing the Time Away

I can't believe in two weeks will be the anniversary of losing Lucas. That's it, only two weeks from now. Time has really gone by quickly, and this month is no exception. I know that keeping busy helps keep me going. It's the "technique" I've used from day one of this journey. I'm doing something or planning something all the time. Like today, I had lunch with my close friend, Betty, who is due to deliver her rainbow any day. And tonight the Harts are coming over for dinner. It's funny how it really isn't out of character for me to double or even triple book our days.

I really don't know what the next two weeks will bring, or tomorrow for that matter. But I know that with the amazing people who surround me and the grace of God, that I am going to get through it. Also, I find it interesting, and a little frustrating, that the three days that I had planned on being low key have been scheduled. May 31st is a PTA board meeting that I really need to be at, June 1st Colton has his last T-Ball practice before his first game, and June 2nd is our monthly M.E.N.D. meeting.(What better place to cry and be surrounded by others who have been here?)

Saturday was cloudy and wet and cold. It was 45 degrees outside and Colton had his first t-ball practice. He's been looking forward to this for weeks and we were so ready to get him started! Well, about 5 minutes after the start of practice, Colton decided maybe it wasn't for him and came up to Willy and I crying. I am relieved to say that after watching for 10 minutes or so, he decided to join the team! Whew.

Apparently the only way to catch a ball is to fall and roll on the ground.

So determined and ready to catch the ball. I truly love this picture.

Doing a great job hitting the ball.

Running across the field to fall, roll around, and still not make it to the ball. hehe

Waiting for the ball to be hit so they can run it to First Base.

We then headed to McD's for a snack and to waste some time before Riley's birthday party. Normally I wouldn't mention this, but as we were sitting there I noticed a mom with four girls. One about 5, one about 3, and twin newborns. My mind raced to the what-ifs, and this should have been me. It stung a little, but I pushed the tears back and enjoyed watching Colton and Ethan acting like monkeys on the play area.

Riley's school party was at Chuck E Cheese. Right away, Riley grabbed Willy's hand and kidnapped him for the afternoon.

I was left to take pictures. Here is my Ethan. I like his serious look.

The birthday girl blowing out the candles on her cake.

Check out the fashionable button cover. I love this man so much!

Colton and Riley playing games together.

All in all it was a decent day. Especially for a cloudy day that could have gone either way. And it's been a good start to my week. Here's to hoping for more greatness.

A quick congrats to Kim and her baby boy, Javan, that was born this morning at 2:09am. Baby 1 of 4 that should be here this week.

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  1. Busy days are the best. There is such a run of babies being sister, Allison, Betty and Kim. Amazing. I'm glad the M.E.N.D meeting is on June 2nd. A perfect day for it I think. I will be thinking of you and your boys, of course. Our dates are linked forever.

    That's a good look on Willy. Love the button :)
    I can imagine the pain of seeing the family in McDonalds. I think we are destined for a lifetime of this.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful letter you sent me. I forgot to mention it when we spoke tonight. It was so nice to come home too and it helped me alot. You are an amazing friend and I'm so thankful for you!


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