Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th...2010 and 2011

May 30th, 2010.

My dad arrived at the hospital in the afternoon for love and support. The day was filled with anticipation. And we passed the 24 hour mark, only 24 to go until the steroids did their job, and we were on safer ground. I watched tv in my room and visited with those that cam by to share their love and prayers. And I used the bedpan some more. ( I really was not a fan.)

When my dad arrived, Willy headed out for a few hours to take a shower and pick up some stuff from home to move to the hospital for my 12 week stay.

The lilies around the pond in front bloomed that morning...just as they did yesterday morning.

Here Willy is wearing his Father of Twins shirt and playing video games. He went out and bought a cord to rig the car dvd player up so he could play games and sit with me.
(The shirt is now in the twin's tote. I also still have hurt feelings towards the person that made the comment, "A little pre-mature, don't you think," when he first wore it. I guess it's a good thing I don't remember who it was, just that it was said.)

My very last belly shot. The belt barely fit, and it was often tight and we would have to move it. You can see how my belly was squeezed some here.

I asked Willy to bring me a bag of peanut M&M's. I got three different types and TONS of them. I love my husband so much. And I haven't had an M&M since these were gone. They remind me so much of my stay, and the days after.

May 30th, 2011

Today has been much easier than I had anticipated. The holiday weekend, Willy being off today reset the DAY/DATE conundrum. I am quite appreciative of that. Since the 30th was the "quiet" day in the bunch, today also seemed to play the part. We planned to spend the day at White Water with the boys and the Gipsons.

Family photo taken with the timer on my back-up camera.

Colton's splash...

Colton at the bottom of the tube slide.

Ethan at the bottom of the slide.

Colton and Riley playing together.

The boys played hard! We went down ALOT of water slides. Ethan even came out of his shell and went down the big ones. Crazy fun! I am glad we decided on the season passes, as we will probably spend alot of time there this summer.

Ethan sleeping so hard he was drooling. We wore those two little boys out.

Also on the way home, Willy attempted to miss an alligator snapping turtle, by driving over it. Well, the turtle's shell did some damage to my van.

DETROYED these pieces! And part stores don't normally carry them, so he has to call the dealer. This means I am STUCK at home for a few days, a few days that I really don't need to be stuck at home. And the end result....emotional crash. I lost my mind all of a sudden. The day had been going so well. I had avoided thoughts that would hurt, for the most part. I even saw pregnant women in bikinis and held it together, easily. Oh well, I guess it might just be a precursor to tomorrow, the 31st. Lucas' angelversary.

Here we go......

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  1. Here for you. Love seeing the pictures of you in the hospital. Glad you have that last belly shot and it is never premature to wear a "father of twins" t-shirt when your wife is pregnant with twins. Probably is better that you don't remember who said that.

    I feel so badly about your car. I hope that something happens and either the car gets fixed ahead of schedule or something can help you get out. Definitely not good days to be stuck at home. I will be around and I know we'll be talking. I'm glad we are going to go through it together, since we have to go through it.


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