Monday, May 2, 2011

A Fun Saturday

I am so happy yesterday is over! I cried more yesterday than I had in months. It was exhausting, the grief really overwhelming. A friend couldn't look at me without the tears pouring out. After church, the boys and I came home and changed back into our pajamas. After lunch we took a nap, and Willy made chili for dinner. My mood was improved after a 2+ hour nap, and I was grateful.

Saturday, however was a great day. We had our end of the year MOPS picnic. The weather started out marvelous, but by the time we got to the park, the clouds were rolling in and it was getting a little chilly. We still had a great time, though.

Colton talked about this new trick he wants to try out. I am grateful he has yet to learn how to pull himself up on to the top of the monkey bars. Though I am sure it won't be long.

Lots of kids and parents playing.

Ethan and the two girls that adopted him for the afternoon. These girls followed him around, pushed him on the swings, and played with him. He was soaking the attention up. They kept saying how adorable and sweet he is. I just hope this isn't a glimpse into the future.

Willy showing off skill. Also, Ethan and his girlfriends in the background.

Violet, James, and Harrison blowing bubbles. Bubbles are always the hit of any get together, and for all ages.

The boys and Violet eating.

After the picnic, I picked up Aunt Jamie and we headed to Strafford for some scrapbooking fun. I truly love all these women. We have so much fun together. I haven't been up there since January, and I've missed it.

After scrapbooking, we decided to head back to Jamie's house for some big girl drinks and a movie. We also caught a fireworks display on the way there.

I think the store was filming their new products to show videos in the store. It was pretty, and a bonus for our evening. There is also a video below.

Oh and I can't forget to add that the lady that carded me at Brown Derby Saturday night said, "You don't look close to this age." How's that for an ego boost? YAY!!!

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