Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

I remember when I first lost Lucas and Caleb I googled every combination of words I could come up with to find other moms and their stories. I didn't want to be alone in my pain. I wanted to know what I was feeling was normal. I wanted to know what to expect. I wanted to cry with other moms, relate with other moms, and know that the sun was going to shine again some day.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope it just that site. Kristin (Stevie's mommy) decided it was time for all us babylost parents to compile our stories on one site. She is amazing in all the work she has done. Now when a parent unfortunately joins our community, they can find exactly what they are looking for. There are so many of us out there. Although it is said to see all the faces of all the parents who no longer have their babies with them, it is also helpful to those of us who have lost our children. The community is full of amazing and strong women (and men) who are living through this nightmare also.

You can find the site by clicking the picture to the right that is labeled Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. Lucas and Caleb's story is on there under Twins, TTTS, Infant Loss, and Stillbirth

Thank you so much, Kristin. Many of us would be lost without you!!!

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