Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Setting a date

So, as many of you know, we are wanting to put our house on the market. We have always been on a five year plan, it's been five years, I want to move!!! I want a new house to build new memories in. I want to leave this house that holds all the memories of my pregnancy gone wrong. We've had some wonderful and amazing memories in this house, but we've always known it wasn't our last. I brought two healthy babies home to this house, but I also came home empty handed when I should have been bringing home two more.

We are going to leave the nursery furniture in the nursery when we put in on the market, but I have to straighten it up. Not to mention take down the black sheet that covers the entryway to the nursery. I have decided that instead of waiting until I was in the right mindset (that may never happen) that I would mark a date on the calendar to do it. It couldn't be the 1st of a month, it couldn't be a Tuesday, and it couldn't be a Friday.

I chose Wednesday, August 4th. On this day I will go in there with a box of Kleenex and totes and do what I don't want to every do. I will pack up blankets, clothes, and the sets of pairs of shoes that line the wall. I will take the matching bouncy seats and put them in storage along with the twin nursing pillow. And I will put Ethan or Colton's crib set in the crib so it doesn't look so empty. The twin's monkey sheets will be put in their box.

I am going to try and journal that time with pictures. I hope it helps me get through it a little easier. Because I know it will be like saying good-bye all over again. Honestly, if it wasn't for us selling the house, I probably would never do it.

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  1. I know that will be hard for you...and just know I am and will be thinking of you. Hugs, my dear friend.


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