Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Daddy Shines

Dear Caleb and Lucas,

Today marks six weeks since you were born. The sun has been shining and I am feeling pretty good today. We miss you so much!!

Yesterday was a really hard day. I woke up with The Cloud of Doom over my head. Within an hour I learned baby Zaylond had been lost. I cried so hard. And I knew he was with the two of you.

Your Daddy is such an amazing man! He shows me once in awhile how much he misses you and loves you. I know you know he does, but sometimes I like to be reminded. I honestly don't know how I would have survived through all this without him.

You see, on the day the two of you were born, your Grandma Dru gave Daddy three gold coins to use at a vending machine for a much needed snack. He noticed one of them was dated 2010. He decided to keep it and carry it with him daily. He wants to have it engraved with your names one day. It is something he carries with him all the time to remember you by.

He told me this yesterday as he was putting his wallet and other coins into his pocket. As he was explaining this to me, he got choked up. I cried. Your Daddy is so wonderful and thoughtful. He has been so strong for me through all this. To get a glimpse of his raw emotion along with the explanation of the coin reminds me how amazing he is. And I truly hate that the two of you aren't here so he can show you. He loves you so much! We all do!



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  1. That's beautiful that he carries that coin around to remember Caleb & Lucas. Absolutely beautiful thought and gesture!


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